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The International Krav Camp has chosen Blue Line Bears as our charity for the 2020 camp in Palestine Texas. For those that don't know, a young lady named Megan O'Grady started the charity building bears from the uniforms of fallen law enforcement officers so their families would always have the memories. IKC will be raffling a phenomenal set of prizes (more on that to follow) so dig deep and help us raise some serious funds to help Megan with her charity. Check  out the event, sign up or just buy tickets, lets help spread the word!

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One day, a group of Krav Maga instructors were sitting around the table in Israel after a long day of training at the Wingate Institute.  One said to another, I really like training with you, wouldn't it be great if we all could get together in the US and put on a camp?  Three days of Krav and shooting with awesome people for awesome people.  The rest is history!

The International Krav Camps are designed to promote Krav Maga, Self Defense, and Shooting Events held around the USA, taught by an international group of instructors from the USA, UK, Israel, Canada, Brazil, and Europe.

Each Instructor belongs to their own Organization(s) but this is a place where the politics and ego's are put aside to just TRAIN and have fun

Everyone is welcome regardless of organization, systems, style or whatever as long as you are open to learning from each other.



All training is principle based.  Whether you are a martial artist, competition shooter, or new to the whole thing, YOU WILL LOVE IT!


Looking for a new perspective? We have a bunch of them!  Our instructors build lesson plans specifically for krav camp.


How do your techniques stand up outside of the dojo?  We train in the elements! Uneven surfaces, rain, sun, wind...bring on the FUN!


Highly skilled firearm instructors provide multiple opportunities for live fire drills.  All levels of shooters welcome!


Put your skills in context!  Create a depth of knowledge by using your techniques as they are meant to be u


Train with affiliations from around the world.  Build your network. Make friends!



Last year I had the extreme pleasure of being able to attend my first Krav Maga Camp with Krav Maga Universal. It was like summer camp but with combatives and weapons training, and with some of the most uniquely skilled instructors in the field of self-protection (I mean what more could a girl ask for?!). I have very little experience with firearms and felt completely safe as well as learning many new skills during the 3-day long camp. In addition, even though many of us did not know each other previously, the camaraderie happened instantaneously and to this day we all share that bond and fantastic memories. This is a truly unique experience that I highly recommend to anyone looking to be exposed to the highest level and professional instruction in both handling firearms as well as self-protection training, while buildling lasting relationships, whether for business or friendship. I seriously have been counting the days to the next Krav Camp since I left last year. 


This year will be my 5th Krav Camp with Ernie – each has been an amazing experience, where I have been able to make great friends and create lasting memories. Last year’s camp was by far the best to date – we had instruction in Tactical Medicine, Apache Knife fighting, pistol and carbine shooting –  we also learned various offensive and defensive Krav Maga techniques from some of the very best instruction in the world. It was truly an experience to remember. Whether you are an beginning practitioner with little or no experience or someone more advanced - it’s a training opportunity that you cannot afford to miss.

                                     - C.N

Best experience I have ever had. The trainers were international military, American military, local police officers, medical personnel. 

I’ve only done stationary range shooting but at this camp I learned to shoot from multiple positions, moving targets, long range targets and trail targets using different types of firearms. Even shooting at night in the rain!  Plus daily Krav Maga training with people from all over the world.   Thank you Ernie for putting this together and having such highly trained and experienced instructors to teach this camp.

             - A.C

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What you missed at Krav Camp 2018

Ernie Kirk

Restrictive striking/striking in cars

Gun Defense in Car

Driver Down

Driver Extraction

Shlomi Katz

Knife Defense

Israeli Point and Shoot

Tom Whitaker

Offensive Knife 

Knife on Knife

Kickboxing: from the ring to the street

Paul Landreth-Smith

Carbine CQC


Krav Fighting

Vehicle Cover and Move

Scott Turner

Firearm Safety

Extreme Close Quarters Engagement

Low light shooting


Balancing Speed and Accuracy

Vehicle down

Anne Kirk

Functional Warm Up for Combative Sports

Building strength from Structure

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Interested in these topics?  All instructors have provided class outlines and short descriptions.  Follow the link below.

Scott Turner

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